GB3JB - 2m Analogue FM - RV63 - 145.7875 Mhz - 145.1875 Mhz - 103.5 hz ctcss.
GB7JB - 70cm DMR - DVU37 - 439.4625 Mhz - 430.4625 Mhz - Colour Code 1 - Slot 1 "Local" TG9 - Slot 2 "SW Cluster" TG950

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For the terms under which we accept adverts, please go to the bottom of the page.  Please read carefully before submitting advertisement copy.  This will get your advertisements published a lot quicker, and save me a lot of work.

WANTED  -  Listed 6th September 2015.

AZ/EL Rotator .... WHY ?

Contact:  Mike, GW4GUG  -


Terms and Conditions for placing a FREE advertisement on this web page / site.
Please read carefully before submitting advertisement copy.
This will get your advertisements published a lot quicker, and save me a lot of work.
  • All adverts will be produced from information supplied by the advertiser.  Do NOT supply copy ready or formatted pages, etc.,  Simple plain text and images in .jpg or .png format, ONLY, please.
  • All images must be clear and of good quality.
  • All items must be of an Amateur Radio nature.
  • Each advert may only advertise one specific product, but there may be more than one of that item.
  • Where you may be wishing to advertise a Clearance Sale, such as a "Silent Key Sale", where there may well be multiple different items, please contact us directly.
  • Please ensure that your spelling and punctuation are correct, along with any claims that you make for any item that you are wishing to sell.
  • All advertisers must provide their full Name, Callsign where applicable, a valid e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Adverts will be displayed until the item is sold or found, or for a maximum of 1 calendar month from the date of insertion.  It is the responsibility of the advertiser to let us know as soon as the item is sold or found, so that the advert can be removed to prevent potential customers / suppliers making contact with the advertiser, once the advert is no longer valid.
  • All placed adverts will also be supported with a "blanket e-mail" to the JB Repeaters e-mail list.
  • The purchaser must always assure themselves as to the validity of the advertisement plus the quality and functionality of the goods being offered.
  • All communications between interested parties must be carried out direct with each other.
  • Advertisements are FREE to individuals who donate to the upkeep of our systems.  If you do not already donate to our systems, then we require a fee of £2.50 for each advert placed.  This must be paid prior to the advertisement being displayed on the web site.
  • Neither "JB Repeaters" nor any individual associated with the repeaters or this web site accept any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of any description or the content of any advertisement as a whole.
  • "JB Repeaters" reserve the right to refuse to accept any advertisement that is considered to contravene any of the above preceding terms or conditions.

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