GB3JB - 2m Analogue FM - RV63 - 145.7875 Mhz - 145.1875 Mhz - 103.5 hz ctcss.
GB7JB - 70cm DMR - DVU37 - 439.4625 Mhz - 430.4625 Mhz - Colour Code 1 - Slot 1 "Local" TG9 - Slot 2 "SW Cluster" TG950

New Web Site ....

Hi All.

Welcome to the NEW "JB" web site.

It combines data from the two previous web sites, plus additional information and resources.
Here you will find all the relevant information relating to "JB" Repeaters, as well as other repeaters and beacons that are installed at the "JB" site.

The new site also includes information relating to the 70cm SW Cluster and DMR technology.

The original GB3JB and GB7JB web sites will continue to run in parallel for the next couple of weeks, so as to give individuals time to make the change to their links / favourites etc.

A further change is the closure of the original e-mail contact addresses: and

These addresses have been closed for the purposes of communication, as a result of the significant amount of SPAM mail that has started to arrive, over the last couple of months.

Any communications sent to either of the above address, will be automatically deleted by the e-mail server, upon arrival.

They are now only valid for the purpose of making donations, to the relevant repeaters PayPal account.

You will note that there is now a "Contact Us" form, for communicating with either myself or the Treasurer.

"Blanket" update e-mails will still be sent out, as previously, but unless specifically specified, they will be from a "NOREPLY" e-mail address, but will include a link to the "Contact Us" form.

Any communications sent to the "NOREPLY" address, will also be automatically deleted by the e-mail server, upon arrival.

This change may be inconvenient to some, but not as inconvenient has having to filter all the JUNK that has started to appear in the repeater in boxes.

Please feel free to make any constructive comments via the "Contact Us" form.

Cheers & 73's
Dave, G3ZXX.