GB3JB - 2m Analogue FM - RV63 - 145.7875 Mhz - 145.1875 Mhz - 103.5 hz ctcss.
GB7JB - 70cm DMR - DVU37 - 439.4625 Mhz - 430.4625 Mhz - Colour Code 1 - Slot 1 "Local" TG9 - Slot 2 "SW Cluster" TG950

Antenna Upgrades - Pt 2.

Hi ​All.

For those of you who may perhaps be thinking of coming along to the site on Wednesday (1st July).

It is still on, but we will not be on site until 1 pm.​

​Although the WX is of course ​excellent in terms of Heat and Sunshine, despite it being Wimbledon fortnight, the wind is quite gusty.  So, hopefully, the guy's will be OK climbing the tower.  Keep your fingers crossed that it's calm.

​If all goes well, then GB3JB, should be back on air by early evening, Wednesday.​

​Cheers & 73's
Dave, G3ZXX.